About Bill Chadwick

For many years I was president and general manager of Baker Tractor Corp. in Swansea MA. During this period my duties allowed me to become quite expert in the operation a wide variety of tractors and their attachments. I closed the firm in October of 2009. I purchased the family farm from my grandmother in the 1980’s and have since maintained the property in Massachusetts Chapter 61A agricultural tax abatement status. Further I have enjoyed working on this property to increase its population of game animals and waterfowl as well as meeting the commercial agricultural requirements of the tax abatement laws. This work includes selective cutting of forests for firewood and installation of trails, expanding, tilling, and planting the fields. I installed a drainage system to catch the runoff from two barns and piped this water to a newly dug pond.

Starting in the spring of 2010 I have successfully sought work from landowners using the equipment and skills I have to help them improve and enjoy their properties.

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